I am interested in the science of consciousness from the perspective of neuroscience, psychology, and AI.

My work for the last 5 years has focused on subjective experience. Using an intuitive methodology, my painting are combinations of bright unnatural colours and deconstructed forms of biological life, that ripple like water. I believe that visual art is a mirror of the inner experience, an opportunity for the consciousness to observe itself. This body of work has been personally motivated, my trying to make sense of what I see. Definitely there have been patterns, but iā€™m not yet sure what to make of it all

Currently, I am exploring the integration of the creative/artistic process with scientific methodology; how artists and scientists can work together to solve complex problems.

I am looking at the research into mystical experience and altered states such as death, trance, and psychedelics. Working with neural networks, descriptions of subjective experience, and data from published studies, I am experimenting with creative analysis of data and results; that which lies outside the lines of scientific logic.